Construction site management

from the first stone to the last detail

Mubre staff are involved in carrying out the specific tasks assigned to them, with their everyday activities putting into practice the points defined at the programming stage with regard to procedures, to ensure a quality performance that guarantees everyone’s safety and well-being, paying maximum attention to the environment. For the construction of buildings – public or private, commercial, industrial, residential, or strategic infrastructures – Mubre can carry out all the structural phases directly: from any demolition work required to the construction of the roof, as well as all the external works and underground utilities. In addition, we are able to manage all the specialist activities, from plant systems to finishes, guaranteeing clients a turnkey solution.

This same quality is also guaranteed for complex works such as the creation or modernisation and extension of underground utilities and strategic infrastructures such as roads, motorways, bridges and purification plants. Meetings are held at all stages of the construction work to monitor progress, with a view to achieving the objectives shared with all the figures involved, in particular with the client and the project engineers.

  • Construction of commercial, industrial and residential buildings, and restoration work
  • Construction of underground utilities and strategic infrastructures
  • Regular meetings to monitor the progress of the construction work
  • Specialised, constantly trained personnel on the construction site
  • Vehicles, equipment and technologies subjected to regular checks
  • Dialogue with all the figures involved
  • Coordination with the suppliers involved in the work
  • In-production checks on materials and processes
  • Management of all aspects regarding people’s safety and environmental sustainability