A company of people.

Mubre is one big family of people who work together with competence and passion

aware both of their role in the company and the wider community and of the responsibility their actions entail. The company has always believed that professional development and achievements are vital values for any team. Mubre has also taken steps to promote corporate welfare in order to improve the private and professional lives of its staff.

We believe that people that have worked for us in the part maintain a sense of affection for us, while we depend on the commitment of new employees and the desire to learn of the many students we welcome into our team, which comprises a vast network of suppliers and other professionals. This company vision permeates our meetings, dialogue, decisions, day-to-day work and shared life together. We provide ongoing training, which updates and informs staff about security, quality, environment and ethics and includes regular meetings with partners and suppliers. For this reason, people who work with us feel part of a shared story, of life in the local area and of a constantly evolving reality to which our company adapts with strong values and unparalleled efficiency.


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