Construction site scheduling:

procedures, vehicles, resources

Mubre’s expert, constantly trained staff put into practice the operating framework established by the Quality, Safety and Environmental Certifications. Once the project has been analysed, thanks to the expertise and knowledge acquired over the years in similar situations with comparable requirements, the next stage is programming. A team is put together of the figures who will be working on the construction site or during specific phases of the construction work, taking into consideration the specific aptitudes and knowledge of the individual members. The figures responsible for each area engage with the Project Manager, who liaises between those operating on-site and those working in the office, to guarantee the detailed organisation of everything required to ensure a smooth, effective process in which everyone’s contribution is valued.

The purchasing office takes care of sourcing the materials and processes identified during the analysis of the project, and the number and type of vehicles, equipment and technologies to be used is established. This process naturally involves the people in charge of safety, the environment, quality, administration and finance. The sharing process and the constructive contribution of the team are of prime importance in the careful, efficient organisation of the construction site.

  • Adoption of consolidated, certified quality, safety and environmental procedures
  • Study of the project and sharing of objectives and performance
  • Creation of a team of people chosen for their experience and specific skills
  • Involvement of the administration and finance team
  • Assortment of qualified suppliers and subcontractors
  • Large vehicle fleet and cutting-edge equipment
  • Latest-generation technologies and software